Portrait is the story of a person

Beth low key Portrait

Personal Branding

A good conversation is the best way to start a portrait session. 

Build your brand around you. What's unique and special about you? What makes you stand out in the crowed? What inspired you to presure your dream in the first place?

A strong image is a live billboard that will speak  

Head Shot

Head shot is a formal presentation of oneself. It's usually simple and clean. I would like to take it a step further, add personality to your head shot. 

Your story is uinique and one of a kind, why should it be generic? 


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East Sooke Park Modle Shoot.jpg

Model Profile

Everyone is a photographer. You can go on a thoushand free photoshoot and get a million amateur photos with the same filter that no agency will look at. You need the right representation to stand out in the crowed. 

I put my clients at ease by starting a conversation. I usually start with a introduction of myself. Than I will get to know them. Get to know what they are interested in and what they like. My purpuse is to make them forget that they are on a photo shoot. Because the best photos are taken when the subject is most relaxed. I usually ask them to start with something simple, like siting down and start talking. Than I ask them to walk away and walk back to me. Step by step, I will guide them and encourage them. I also show them the good photos to build their confidence. I am very comfortable at directing people cuase as photographers, it's our job to make the clients look their best.