Family and kids are the best joy of my life. I would love to tell the story of your joy through my lens 

Tip #1

Posing the kids can be the hardest job unless they don't know they are taking a picture rather than just playing a game. 

Tip #2

Many family ask me what should they wear to the photo shoot. My rule is simple, keep it neutral. Vivid colours are only good for black and white photos. Art is a form of communication and colour is one of the languages, when it comes to tell a story about a family, you want to tell it in a calm and joyful way. vivid colour is like BOLD FONTS in a sentence, because it makes people feel like you are yelling out the story rather than telling.  

Tip #3

kids don't smile on demand, they only smile when they feel happy or funny. There are games I use on a family photos shoot to make the parent's job easy and fun.