Engagement pictures should be so much more than just a casual encounter. Your engagement session should document a part of your life in a way that complements the beauty of your wedding day.


Here is why engagement pictures should be important to you. First, allows you to learn how to work with your photographer and just as importantly, as the photographer, how to work with you. What you like, what you don’t like, etc. Secondly, it gives you diversity with the imagery in your home. You don’t want every picture to be of you in your dress and tuxedo or shot at the same time of year.


Engagement pictures will give you the diversity in art you are looking for your home


Don't think of it as a photo shoot where you have to pose and smile. Think of it as a date or a casual walk in the park at sunset time. I don't pose, I direct. At the begaining of the engagement session, every couple tell me that they never been to an engagement shoot and don't know what to do. But after the session, every couple not only enjoyed their session but also become very comfortable in front of my camera.